Every child
deserves to read
at grade level.

We help them get there. 

Ignite! Reading takes the burden off teachers by helping your K-8th graders learn the foundational skills they need to become independent readers.

Here's How We Get Kids Caught Up Fast

Skilled Reading Tutors

We pair every student with a highly trained reading tutor who is invested in their success and accountable for their progress. Our paid tutors get 100 hours of intensive Science of Reading-aligned professional learning, practicum experience, and ongoing coaching from Ignite Literacy Specialists.

One-on-One Model

Each tutor delivers virtual, face-to-face decoding and fluency instruction to the same student for 15 minutes a day. Students practice significantly more than they can in a small group or class setting. Caring, consistent relationships build students' confidence and readiness to learn.

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is grounded in an NCTQ exemplary resource written by reading researchers. We help students master phonological awareness, decoding, and word recognition so they can advance from learning to read to reading to learn.

Data-Driven Approach

We use baseline diagnostics, routine progress monitoring, and DIBELS to identify each student's specific decoding gaps and monitor their progress. Our tutors adapt instruction accordingly so your students learn the right skills at the right time.

Dedicated Literacy Specialists

We assign your school its own professional literacy specialist who shares student data monthly. You’ll receive comprehensive program reports including detailed information on students who may be dyslexic.

See Our Results

During the 2021–22 school year, students achieved an average of 2.4 weeks of progress for every week in the Ignite! Reading program. Students of color, students with IEPs, multilingual learners, and  students receiving free or reduced-price lunch recorded the same outstanding results.

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Read more about the Ignite impact in our 2021-22 Pilot Results Report.

“100% of our students who moved from below grade level to at or above grade level on DIBELS were in Ignite.”

– Michael Burks, KIPP School Leader

“Ignite gives students the lessons they need, but what it really gives them is the confidence they need to be readers.”

– First grade teacher, Red Bluff, CA

Our Program Shores Up Foundational Skills

Students can’t skip foundational skills and become independent fluent readers. Ignite! Reading uses curriculum-embedded diagnostic tools to determine where each student is in the below sequence of learning and starts their instruction there. 

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Our Tutors Deliver Best-in-Class Instruction

Ignite’s 10-week master class for tutors teaches them to become experts at delivering a Science of Reading-based, data-driven curriculum. Not only do students learn the exact skills they need, they also love having the attention and support of their own dedicated Ignite tutor. 

"After 8 months with Ignite I have zero doubts that this program works, and it is so motivating to get to teach it, and see it transform my students' reading (and their joy of reading)."

– Ignite Tutor

“I absolutely loved the professional development and training we received at the start of the program. The knowledge I gained around differentiated reading instruction and the Science of Reading is immense and I will take it with me for the rest of my career/life.”

- Ignite Tutor

Ignite Integrates Easily Into Your
School's Literacy Ecosystem

"We wouldn’t want to add something for teachers to do. Computer programs still require regular teacher involvement. The self-reliance of the program is important. It operates itself."

– Principal, Circle City Prep, IN

"The kids are only gone from their room for 20 minutes. What other intervention can you allocate that little time to and actually see this amount of growth? Teachers are seeing the success and now they are asking, 'Well, how many more can we send?'"

– Principal, AC Houghton Elementary School, OR

Learn How to Bring Ignite! Reading to Your District

We’d love to partner with your district and teach students the foundational skills they need to read on grade level. The first step is scheduling a consultative conversation with one of our team members. We’ll answer any questions you have about Ignite and discuss what it takes to get started. We look forward to speaking with you.