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Expert Reading Instruction From Tutors Kids Love

A reading tutor raises her hands toward her laptop while tutoring a student virtually

Best-in-Class Training Best-in-Class Tutors

We ensure every Ignite Reading tutor is a highly skilled and consistently effective reading instructor through our rigorous training program. Here’s what it includes: 

  • 60 hours of Science of Reading-aligned professional learning

  • 50+ hours of tutoring practicum with real students

  • Ongoing, real-time monitoring and instructional coaching

  • Training in baseline diagnostic administration and progress monitoring, and how to recognize signs of dyslexia or the need for Tier 3 supports

Caring Tutors Build Game-Changing Confidence

  • Through Undivided Attention

    Ignite Reading tutors build a powerful bond with students, giving them an adult role model who believes in them, boosts their confidence, and motivates them to do hard work.

    A male reading tutor raises his hand while working virtually with a student
  • Through Accountability for Learning

    Unlike group or software-based lessons where kids can tune out, our reading tutors keep students engaged and won't let them give up.

    An elementary student holds a whiteboard with the word cap on it so her reading tutor can see it
  • Through Celebration

    Tutors make reading fun, giving students recognition and celebrating their progress with colorful confetti and fireworks. Students look forward to their sessions and feel proud of the things they accomplish.

    A computer screen shows a virtual reading tutoring session in progress
“Kids are literally running down the hall to get
a chance to talk to their tutors.”
Dr. Jermall Wright
Superintendent of Little Rock School District
Little Rock, AR
a 1st grader wearing headphones looks at her laptop during an online tutoring session in the classroom
“We saw our students' confidence levels grow along with their ability to take risks, knowing that they had a safe place to do that.”
Shannon Smith
Principal, Western Hills Elementary School
Little Rock, AR
A middle school student wears headphones and looks at a laptop to talk to a tutor online. There is a pink overlay over the photo
“One of the greatest things Ignite Reading has to offer is that the diversity of their tutors reflects the diversity of our students. Our students see themselves in their tutors, and there is engagement and relationship building that I didn't think was possible over the virtual platform.”
Chris Tulpa
Principal of Franklin Avenue Elementary School
Westfield, MA
A female tutor wearing headphones holds a marker in her hand to write on a whiteboard. There is a yellow overlay over the photo

We Manage Tutors So You Don't Have To

As tutors are Ignite Reading employees, we handle every aspect of their staffing and management to ensure they achieve student progress. Our literacy coaches and tutor operations team oversee: 

Session observation and instructional coaching 

Tutor attendance and substitutes

Student progress data

Tutor performance