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Our Curriculum Follows the Science

Student With Headphones Using Ignite Reading Tutoring

Underpinning Our Program: An Evidence-Based Foundational Skills Curriculum

Science of Reading curriculum book cover featuring Sharon Walpole and Michael C. MCKenna's book How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction

Our curriculum is:

  • Created by reading researchers

  • Grounded in the Science of Reading

  • Backed by evidence of efficacy

  • Adapted to one-to-one instruction

  • Identified by the National Council on Teacher Quality as an exemplary resource for teacher preparation

Students Follow a Sequence of Foundational Literacy Skills

Our program follows a progression of essential foundational literacy skills. After conducting a baseline assessment, tutors start each student at the appropriate point on the learning sequence below, then move them forward until they are reading with automaticity and fluency.

Curriculum Chart Wide

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