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Why Our Model Works for Districts

Why Ignite Hero

Differentiated instruction is what students need, but it’s hard for schools to do alone

With 67% of fourth graders not reading at grade level, more districts are adopting evidence-based approaches to teaching reading. The fact remains, however, that giving students the differentiated instruction required to close their skills gaps—and quickly—is challenging for any school to do alone.

How We’re Helping Districts Meet Their
Literacy Goals

Differentiated Instruction

Our one-to-one foundational reading skills instruction delivered by virtual tutors trained in the Science of Reading gives every student the precise instruction they need to close their decoding gaps.

A Literacy Specialist for Every Student

We assign a dedicated literacy specialist to every school who is responsible for student learning outcomes. They provide data on every student’s progress and gaps, empowering teachers to support students in the classroom.

Support for Every Grade

Ignite Reading is effective up through eighth grade, giving districts a pathway and a safe space for older students to build reading competence and shore up foundational reading skills.

Social Emotional Impact

Daily one-to-one sessions with a dedicated tutor make student confidence soar, not only boosting reading skills, but improving behavior throughout the day.

See Our Results

  • Little Rock School District

    In its first-year pilot, 1,000 Little Rock students participated in Ignite Reading and made outstanding foundational reading skills gains.

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    Little Rock Elementary
  • Red Bluff Union Elementary School District

    Eighty percent of 1st—8th graders in the Ignite Reading program started at kindergarten and first grade reading levels and made exceptional growth.

    Read the Case Study
    Red Bluff Elementary

In my special education role, trying to implement a high quality MTSS program to support students, this program has been greatly impactful. It is consistent, well progress monitored, and the Ignite Reading team is so communicative. It has been helpful in keeping kids out of special education who just needed a little tutoring and in referring kids who needed more than just the interventions.

Lissy Allegrotti

Content Specialist/Special Education at KIPP Bridge Rising Academy

Oakland, CA