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Ignite Reading Closes the Gaps Holding Your Students Back

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Watch Ignite Reading Tutoring in Action

Our structured literacy program is designed to close K-8th graders’ foundational reading skills gaps. Ignite Reading tutors work with the same student daily on a specific foundational skill for 14 lessons. Students get repeated practice and are assessed for proficiency before moving to the next skill. Every 15-minute session includes tutors modeling, students practicing independently, and lots of opportunities for celebration. Take a look!

We Help Students Become Readers, Step by Step

  1. Assess

    Our highly skilled tutor educators use diagnostic tools to conduct a baseline assessment of every student. This determines where students will start in the sequence of foundational skills.

    Our Structured Literacy Curriculum
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  2. Tutor

    Our tutors work with students in one-to-one, virtual tutoring sessions for 15 minutes every day. We help schools find the best time and place for sessions, typically during the literacy block, either in class or in a separate staff-monitored room.

    Ignite Reading Tutor Qualifications
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  3. Progress Monitor

    We progress monitor students after every 14 lessons. Ignite Reading literacy specialists hold monthly data meetings with school and district leaders and teacher teams and give teachers actionable data on each student’s skill gaps.

    Data We Provide
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  4. Graduate

    Once a student passes all of their foundational skills lessons and graduates from our structured literacy program, another student can take their seat mid-year at no additional cost.

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What happens is that students not only have a reading tutor, they also have a mentor, someone they can count on to see one-to-one for 15 minutes every single day. That's powerful.

Chris Tolpa

Principal of Franklin Avenue Elementary School

Westfield, MA