Be the Change.

Our Tutor Educators help students crack the code to become lifelong readers.

Stay with your students until they become readers!

Tutor your students throughout their journey, celebrate daily wins, and help them unlock a lifetime of reading on their own.

Get PAID to become an expert reading tutor!

Earn $20/hour while completing our Science of Reading Teaching Certification and tutoring students. Once certified, work up to 30 hours a week.

A reliable schedule that lasts the entire school year.

At Ignite, you are paired with your students for the long term. You’ll tutor each student for 15 min every day and truly bond with them while you make a huge impact.

Our application process


Submit an application
(~15 minutes)

Let us get to know you by completing our online application. All types of people make amazing tutors. We can’t wait to learn more about you!


Complete a recorded 1-sided interview
(~40 minutes)

At this stage, you get to show us you can use tech tools, demonstrate your comfort on camera, go deeper about your “Why,” and demo your amazing skills.

FAQs about becoming an Ignite Reading Tutor

Is Ignite currently hiring tutors?

Sign up for our Tutor Educator Job List to be notified when we open hiring for our next tutor cohort. We anticipate applications opening in July 2023. Please make sure to thoroughly read our certification time commitments before applying. 


Are there specific time commitments I should be aware of before I apply?

Before you apply, please read the FAQs below regarding Ignite’s certification process. We require tutors to take a certification class and commit to tutoring 5-10 students for the rest of the academic school year. If you cannot make the time commitments required, we encourage you to apply to a future tutor cohort. Applications will open again in July 2023. 


How long does the tutor application and hiring process take?

You should expect to hear whether or not you will advance to the next round of our process within five business days of submitting your online application. If selected to advance to our one-way video interview, once you have submitted your one-way interview you can expect to receive a hiring decision within another five business days.


What’s a one-way video interview?

Our one-way video interviews allow you to record your responses to a short list of questions with video using a platform called SparkHire. You can complete your one-way interview at any time with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You’ll have time to practice and record responses that you feel truly represent your strengths.


If I don’t live in the United States, can I still work for Ignite?

Yes, we do have successful tutors living outside the U.S.. However, tutors living outside the U.S. must be U.S. citizens and have a mailing address within the U.S..

What time commitment does the Ignite! Reading certification process require?

We require that hired tutors complete both a nine-week certification class and a practicum during which you’ll tutor 6 – 10 students for the rest of the 2023 academic year. Below you’ll find a description of the time required for the certification class and the practicum.


Certification Class Schedule

The certification class for the next tutor cohort is March 13 – May 12, 2023. Tutors will receive $20/hour for their time in the certification class.

  • The class is Monday – Friday, 5 days a week at the same time each day. 
  • The class will be offered at two separate times, and the schedule is as follows: 
    • Class Option 1:
      • March 13 – March 31: Mon-Fri 11am-1pm EST
      • April 3 – May 12: Mon-Fri 11am-12pm EST 
    •  Class Option 2:
      • March 13 – March 31: Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm EST
      • April 3 – May 12: Mon-Fri 4pm-5pm EST


After you have completed the first 3 weeks of the certification class, starting April 3, 2023 we will pair you with a minimum of 6 students for the rest of the academic year. School schedules vary, but you can expect the academic year to end late May or early June. To successfully complete your practicum, you will need to provide a minimum of  3 additional hours a day of availability between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST which provides us options for scheduling your students five days a week, at the same times each day. 

  • Schedule: April 3, 2023  – May/Early June 2023
    • Time Commitment: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm EST, 3 hours per day at the same time each day
    • You may choose the tutoring times you are available
    • Note that in addition to the practicum hours, you will also still be completing the 1 hour certification class April 3 – May 12. 


Our certification process requires both the certification class and the practicum. Even though your certification class ends May 12th, you will continue to tutor your students throughout the end of the academic year which is typically through May or early June. Once you are fully certified, you are free to work up to 30 hours a week as an Ignite Tutor.


Do I really get paid to become certified?

Yes, it’s true. . .you do get PAID to complete our absolutely amazing certification program.


Will I get to tutor while I complete the certification course?

Yes, all tutors are required to tutor 5-10 students during the practicum portion of our tutor certification. Please see the FAQ above “What time commitment does the Ignite! Reading certification require?” for details. 


How many hours can I tutor once I am certified?

You may teach up to 30 hours a week once you have completed the Science of Reading Instruction Certification program.


Can I start the certification course, stop, and start again at a later date?

We will only consider this outcome under rare and extenuating circumstances.


Can I use my Ignite Science of Reading Teaching Certification for other opportunities?

Ignite Tutor Educators complete over 60 hours of incredible training to become highly skilled Reading tutor educators. We believe many places beyond Ignite value this in-depth training. 

Are there other steps to start tutoring with Ignite! Reading after being offered a job?

Before starting the Ignite! Reading certification class and practicum (described above), all tutors will need to complete the following steps:

  • Accept our offer and sign our contract
  • Complete a 2.5 hour video pre-certification course
  • Submit a W-9 form
  • Submit direct deposit information
  • Consent and pass a thorough background check

Why do tutors need to complete a background check? How does it work?

Ignite! Reading works with public school districts around the country and with children whose safety is of great concern to us. In order to have the privilege to work with our amazing young people, every adult must pass a rigorous criminal background check to ensure the folks we hire will be an extraordinary force for good in the lives of the students we serve.

How long is a typical tutoring session? How long is a tutoring opportunity?

All Ignite tutoring sessions:

  • Are 15 minutes in length
  • Use a 1:1 tutor to student ratio
  • Take place every day  school is in session
  • Typically last one entire school year or semester

How many hours can I tutor per week and per year?

You can tutor up to 30 hours on average per week and no more than 1440 hours a year.


What grades can I tutor?

Ignite! Reading serves students in Pre-K through 8th grade.

How much do I get paid and how does payment work?

Ignite Tutor Educators are paid $20/hour. Tutors submit and confirm their hours on the final day of the month and are paid within 15 days.

What technology do I need to tutor?

To tutor for Ignite! Reading you’ll need a: 

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Tablet or larger (preferably a laptop or desktop computer)
  • Chrome or Safari browser
  • Computer camera 
  • Headset or earbuds with microphone and noise-canceling options

How do I learn to use Ignite tutoring tools?

Successful applicants will come to Ignite with a strong understanding of how to deliver excellent synchronous online instruction using video conferencing tools and our intuitive platforms. All tutor educators will receive ample training in how to use Ignite’s tools and platforms.