These Partners Are Bridging The Literacy Gap In Oakland

- Kenneth Rainin Foundation Education Blog

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FULCRUM and Ignite! Reading are showing the power of what’s possible when Oakland children get equitable access to evidence-based learning and supports. Their partnership, formed during the pandemic, is guided by a shared belief: that every child deserves the right to learn to read. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, and still today, only one in three Oakland children achieve their potential of reading proficiently by third grade. Motivated by an understanding of Oakland’s literacy gaps and the science of reading, FULCRUM has embarked on a mission to do something, and has focused on Ignite! Reading as a strong partner. Through Ignite! Reading students receive 15 minutes of virtual, one-on-one tutoring from the same highly trained tutor every day. The program was designed to minimize the burden on teachers so that it can be easily implemented during the school day and begin having an immediate impact. The student results are promising. The program more than doubles the foundational skills reading growth expected for children in traditional classroom settings. This growth is experienced across socio-economic and racial demographics.

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